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Exiles: about the series


What would you do to save your clan?

★★★★ "A new piece of Irish historical fiction that pulls you in through its protagonist, and is full of plenty of action." - Reedsy Discovery

★★★★ “To say this book is rich with action, adventure, and deep meaty history is putting it mildly,”– The Historical Fiction Company

Ireland 1585. Eunan Maguire lives in a small village in Fermanagh and wonders why his parents hate him and his neighbours shun him. When his village is raided by the English, he flees to save himself, his parents are killed and he blames himself for their death.

When he meets Seamus MacSheehy, the head of a wandering band of Galloglass, Seamus encourages him to take his father’s title of the head of the village even though everyone in the village is dead. Eunan goes to the election of the new leader of the Maguire clan to claim his father’s voting rights. With Seamus’ guidance, he sets out to ingratiate himself with the new Maguire. But all is not well for Eunan is wracked with guilt because of the death of his parents and Seamus is not all he appears. The English invade Fermanagh, and he is called to fight.

Will Eunan find out the secret of why his parents hated him so much and the circumstances of their death? Will Eunan discover who is Seamus MacSheehy and why he has taken such an interest in him? Or will the clan fall and perish under the English onslaught?

Bad Blood is the first novel in the ‘Exiles’ series of Irish historical fiction novels. If you love fast-paced action and adventure orientated historical fiction then you will love this book.

One man fights to destroy his family, another to save his. Only one can be victorious.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Fully action-packed, this pulls you further into Eunan and Seamus' story; making you question who to support the whole way through,” – Reedsy Discovery

★★★★ “Another action-packed adventure filled with rich historical information about Ireland in the 16th century embedded in the storyline,”

“for anyone who loves GOT stories, well this has it all – including a bloody battle at a wedding ceremony” – The Historical Fiction Company

Ireland 1594. Eunan’s village is destroyed, the rebellion appears over. As the forces of the English crown pillage the countryside, the rebel leader goes into hiding. Eunan’s past has come back to haunt him.


Eunan goes forth to seek the rebel leaders. He must take control of his family lands and turn them from supporting the crown to declaring for the rebellion.


All that stands before him are the forces of the crown, the deserted ranks of the rebellion and the minor matter of his own family.


Meanwhile, Seamus faces a dilemma. Consequences from the past loom large. He must save his own family, but to do so could stop the rebellion in its tracks.


Who will succeed if the other needs to fail?


‘Uprising’ is the next instalment of the gripping ‘Exiles’ Irish historical family saga.

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Traitor Maguire

Spring 2022