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The 'Exiles' series is set against the backdrop of the Elizabethan wars in Ireland in the 1590s. A world of Irish clans, their politics and the fight for supremacy, where spies and intrigue prosper, where the embers burn for a rebellion against the English crown. If you love fast-paced action and adventure orientated historical fiction, then you will love these books.

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Devil's Island

For King, for country, for family.

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Bad Blood

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Bad Blood is a fantastic historical fiction novel that does not shy away from the dark complications of the world," - Reedsy Discovery

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “a real page-turner that leaves readers wanting more,” “The conflict between the Crown and natives is brilliantly and elaborately written, the characters are rock-solid and relatable, and the plot is twisty as it can get,”The Book Commentary

Traitor Maguire Ebook Size.jpg

Traitor Maguire

★★ ★ ★ “A must read addition to the Exiles series that leaves you wanting more,” "has to be the most exciting of the books so far," - Reedsy Discovery

Breach of the Peace Ebook Size.jpg

Breach of the peace

★ ★ ★ ★ ⋆ (4.5 stars) “Breach of the Peace is a gripping tale laden with deviousplots, sinister machinations, and twists and turns at every page,” – The Historical Fiction Company

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The Curse of Black Mountain

“It's non-stop action from beginning to end, with battles, intrigue, slaughter, vengeance, banquets, marriages, and funerals. The characters wrestle with personal ambition and passion, while being called on to protect their clan's lands and avenge past wrongs. Jealousy and vengeance rage bitterly, while power struggles abound. It's a heady personal and political odyssey, mired in gore and conflict. Fans of historical fiction will thoroughly enjoy this exploration of Irish clans in Elizabethan times.” – Reedsy Discovery

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