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A traitor to some, a hero to others

★★★★ “A must read addition to the Exiles series that leaves you wanting more,” "has to be the most exciting of the books so far," - Reedsy Discovery

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “C.R. Dempsey is an extraordinary storyteller who paints a fascinating tapestry of the turbulent time in Irish history, a setting that is stunningly imagined and vividly constructed, allowing readers detailed images of the clashes between the rebels and the English crown, the betrayals, and espionage that characterized the political atmosphere of the time.”The Book Commentary

★★★★ “'Traitor Maguire' has its full quota of gory and blood soaked action, shadowy double dealing and intrigue and bursts of dialogue that are as Irish as the peat in this rip roaring book.”The Historical Fiction Company

It seems as if Eunan has succeeded beyond his wildest imagination. Once a lowly upstart, now part of the Maguire nobility and married to the woman of his dreams, the flames of the rebellion he continues to hold so dear also burn bright.

But enemies in the clan capture him and leave him to die in the Maguire’s jail while they plot to sell the clan out to the English crown.

Will the bonds of family compel Seamus to save him or will he be dragged off to war to leave Eunan to be sacrificed in the cesspit of Irish politics?

Traitor Maguire is the third book in the epic Irish historical fiction Exiles series. It is set against the backdrop of the Elizabethan wars in Ireland in the 1590s. A world of Irish clans, their politics and the fight for supremacy, where spies and intrigue prosper, where the embers burn for a rebellion against the English crown. If you love fast-paced action and adventure orientated historical fiction then you will love this book.

Buy Traitor Maguire to discover this exciting new series today.

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