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Out 3rd August 2021 at all good ebook retailers

Exiles: the series

eBook prices:

eBook prices:

Pre-order. Release date 29/03/22

£2.99 / $2.99 / €2.99 / CAD$4.99 / AUD$4.99

£2.99 / $2.99 / €2.99 / CAD$4.99 / AUD$4.99

£2.99 / $2.99 / €2.99 / CAD$4.99 / AUD$4.99

What critics say:

Bad Blood: ★★★★ "A new piece of Irish historical fiction that pulls you in through its protagonist, and is full of plenty of action." - Reedsy Discovery

Bad Blood:

What readers say:

Bad Blood: ★★★★★ "A compelling, inspiring, and interesting story on an important (if not always widely known) time in Irish history" - Amazon US

Bad Blood: ★★★★★ "an extremely enjoyable and well-written novel that does good job of engrossing you within Irish history and lore" - Amazon UK

Exiles is a historical fiction family saga set in Elizabethan Ireland during the Nine Years War

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